Morgan Page is Headed to a City Near You This Summer

Growing up in rural Vermont, Morgan Page first started producing electronic music at the age of 12 after being exposed to the genre via a local college radio station – a station that, ironically, he’d become a DJ for later on. After taking an internship with the Plastic City imprint, Page released a steady stream of releases on labels like Bedrock, Nordic Trax, Fiji, and Saw from 2000 through to 2006 before landing on Nettwerk Records, his current home since his 2008 release Elevate.

With three studio albums, two Grammy Awards and five International Dance Music Award nominations, to his credit, Morgan Page has definitely established himself as one of the top producers of our generation. Songs like “Longest Road” and “Fight For You” have become classic anthems and are always sung aloud by fans on dance floors around the globe.

Currently celebrating the release of the “Against the World” remixes, come dance with us as we bring Morgan Page to a city near you. Join us on our partnering dates: