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Heavier Than Gravity has been involved in electronic music since 1995. HTG has been involved in many earlier major events including Zen, Usuaya, 55 Degrees, Ultra, BBC @ Nikki Beach, Global Gathering, Disco events, and many many more. In recent times HTG brought Electric Daisy Carnival to Orlando. We are also responsible for the first arena level eletronic music event with world superstar DJ Tiesto in the area. In the EDM boom recently HTG has been on the forefront of the most innovative and successful events Florida has ever seen. We have worked with the worlds largest artists across the board including Tiesto, Deadmau5, Armin Van Buuren, Skrillex, Avicii, Calvin Harris, PVD, and many more. Our production resources has been utilized all across the USA for some of the biggest shows on the planet. HTG deployed lighting, video, audio, and FX resources for multiple arena and festival shows. HTG experts have been the #1 speed dial of most festivals, promoters, and nightclubs - as their vast knowledge of nightclub technology and production rivals all. Look for the HTG logo on your events - because then you know it's going to be a kick ass party!

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