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Welcome to B&W Productions, based in St. Louis, Missouri. We are an independent production company working to develop various artists while promoting a wide spectrum of events, focusing primarily in Electronic Music. Our Philosophy: We are dedicated to the Electronic Music Scene and are determined to producing the most cutting-edge shows in St. Louis. We embrace all sub-genres of Electronic Music, but we carry open minds to other forms of music and art, as long as they are progressive & offer a sense of moving forward. Ultimately, what we really want to accomplish is helping the scene develop and grow while helping other DJs/artists develop, creating a growing circle of helping friends. Accordingly, we build and provide the network new artists need and maintain working relationships with every entertainment entity we can get our hands on. We're all driven by radical selflessness, keeping us eager to lend a hand whenever possible, as we aspire to foster an altruistic electronic talent community. After all, music isn't about money; it's about passion, fun and love... right? Just music, no bullshit.

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